Yearly Archives: 2013

Pool House

This past year we have had the privilege of teaming up with HFH Construction. One of the first things they mention on their website is their commitment to quality in all of their projects. This gets the boys at Jaytech excited when they can team up with guys like this and pour out their potential into a project such as this pool house built near Fergus Ontario.  As you can see in the pictures below, they practice what they preach and deliver some awesome stuff. This isn’t your normal pool house though. It has a party room with a fireplace, full bar area, washroom, outdoor shower and outdoor urinal, a 6 pane main door that slides all the way open, in-floor heating, beautiful outdoor lounging areas and of course an awesome Jaytech mechanical room.     HFH Contruction is a growing and dynamic company so be sure to check out […]

Cedar Line Contracting

  Ben and his company, Cedar Line Contracting, choose to use Jaytech Plumbing because he has discovered that our mission to serve people and add value to companies fits in with well with what they do. We are proud to work along side Cedar Line and help bring to reality the dreams of this up and coming corporation. Beginnings Established at first as primarily a decking and fencing company they quickly gaining a reputation for a high level of quality and service around Guelph. These are just three examples of countless projects to improve the homes for people in the city.   Progress Ben’s vision wasn’t to build decks his entire career however, and he took his level of quality into other areas such as the three shown in these pictures. Now his indoor work compliments his outdoor work nicely and is building a reputation there as well.     […]

What is Wet Venting 149

Wet venting is a plumbing term and is a method of protecting the trap on a drain pipe on multiple plumbing fixtures.  It is a useful method of venting and can save pipe and fittings, time and money. If you don’t know what venting is or why it’s needed, first read What is Venting?   Wet Vent Definition: A waste pipe that also serves as a vent pipe. Wet venting is most common in conjunction with toilets and sinks; the drain for the sink is also the vent for the toilet. It can also be used for a variety of other applications but due to the following rules this is the most convenient and common situation to run into. Wet Venting Rules: The Ontario code book is written probably by lawyers and is very confusing, so I’ll try to simplify it a bit and include just the most common and relevant parts. 1) A […]