Backflow Tests

Backflow prevention devices are required annually by cities in order to protect our drinking water.

Cross-Connection Control (CCC) surveys are required every 5 years. They are used to identify where, if any, backflow prevention devices are required. They are to be conducted by a OWWA (Ontario Water Works Association) accredited tester. If you already have backflow device(s) installed you are still required to have the survey and the devices you have already installed are to be tested as well.

A cross-connection license (held by a OWWA Certified CCC Specialist) is required to test backflow devices. Here at Jaytech Plumbing we have the proper testing equipment as well as fully licensed and practised plumbers who perform these tests every week.


What Part Do We Handle?

In short, we make it easy and handle everything….

  • Annual Backflow testing of all your backflow devices
  • Backflow device repairs and replacements
  • Cross-Connection Control surveys
  • Installation of Backflow prevention devices

*We send all necessary paperwork to the city.



What to expect during testing?

While your device is being tested the water supply to the building will have to be temporarily shut-off. The technician who comes to perform the test will do this first after checking with you, the building owner, and will turn it back on once they have completed the test. Backflow tests cannot be done while the water is on so be sure you have arranged for a time that allows you to turn the water off especially if you run a business that requires the use of water frequently. The technician will then use a test kit to analyze your backflow device. After ensuring everything is in good order they will then turn the water back on.

The city requires some basic building information with the reports, so make sure someone on site can answer questions regarding address, postal code, owner, phone number etc.

Testing usually takes 20-30 minuets per device + extra if any repairs are necessary.


Looking for more information on backflow testing and what is required by law in your city? Try here or searching your city’s website if you can’t find it in the list of cities below:

City of Guelph

Wellington County