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Water Softeners 1

Water softeners are used to reduce the grains per gallon(gpg)  level in hard water. Having hard water does not mean you need one however it can be a good investment. Hard water not only can cause build-up in various appliances and pipes (such as your water heater) but the effects can be seen elsewhere in the home as well. To learn more about hard water and to determine what range your home falls under in the water hardness scale read this article on hard water. While you may want softer water for washing dishes, showering, and other uses it is not recommended for drinking, cooking, or watering plants. The minerals (calcium and magnesium) that make water ‘hard’ are beneficial to your health. Water is softened by the replacement of these elements. ‘Softened’ water contains higher salt content because of this and therefore is not great for cooking, drinking or plants. This […]

Broken Toilet Flange 5

If you have a toilet that rocks back and forth or is a bit wobbly, then the first thing to check is if the bolts fastening it to the floor (or toilet flange) are tight. But the closet bolts are likely loose for a reason.  If your toilet isn’t sitting on a level or even floor, then even though the bolts were initially tight, the toilet can move and work things loose. The problem is that its not the bolts that will loosen, but the flange is bent or even broken