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Choosing a Water Heater 1

Water heaters are essential pieces of equipment in our Canadian households especially after a long, cold day working outside in sub-freezing temperatures. If your water heater breaks, or it’s about to finish its useful life cycle, there are two options you can choose from when replacing it: a conventional water heater (which is probably what you are already housing) and a tankless water heater.   Conventional storage water heaters Conventional storage water heaters are the most common water heater you are going to find in residential homes. They come in sizes of 20 to 80 gallons for residential use and commercial sizes can range into the 100’s of gallons. Their fuel sources include: electricity, propane, natural gas, and fuel oil. In these tanks, water is constantly being heated. Energy is consumed even when you aren’t using hot water. This standby heat loss can be reduced by some, more heavily insulated, water heaters. Tankless […]

Replacing a Toilet 1

Chances are if you are a DIYer you would rather replace the bathroom toilet yourself than pay someone to do it. However, if you decide to move the location of the toilet, hire a professional plumber. Rerouteing pipes is best left to professionals. Supplies: Rags Newspapers and/or old towels A container to scoop out water or shop vac Screwdriver Utility (exacto) knife Putty knife (or similar tool) New wax gasket Possibly a new flange and bolts Bathroom Caulk Plastic toilet shims (if needed) Plumber’s putty (if needed) Wrench Gloves (optional) mini hack-saw (if needed)     Removing the Old Toilet Step 1: Lay out newspapers/old towels This is where you will be placing the old toilet after removal. If you will be setting it down on a tile floor, set it down gently. The tile can be cracked by a toilet being set down too harshly. Step 2: Turn off […]