Low Water Pressure

Many of us have been there, you step into the shower, turn on the tap and you feel like you would have better success at getting your hair wet by standing in the rain. Or perhaps you turn on your faucet to do the dishes and you can’t even get enough pressure to rinse a plate. Low water pressure can be frustrating, the good news is though it could be an easy fix! If you are experiencing low water pressure the first step is to determine where the issue lies. Is it localized (i.e. kitchen sink) or an issue in the entire home?   Entire House If it is the entire home there are a few things you can check: Find out if your home has a water pressure reducing valve. If it does have one then ask a plumber to adjust the valve so that it allows an increase in flow (pressure) to […]

Cedar Line Contracting

  Ben and his company, Cedar Line Contracting, choose to use Jaytech Plumbing because he has discovered that our mission to serve people and add value to companies fits in with well with what they do. We are proud to work along side Cedar Line and help bring to reality the dreams of this up and coming corporation. Beginnings Established at first as primarily a decking and fencing company they quickly gaining a reputation for a high level of quality and service around Guelph. These are just three examples of countless projects to improve the homes for people in the city.   Progress Ben’s vision wasn’t to build decks his entire career however, and he took his level of quality into other areas such as the three shown in these pictures. Now his indoor work compliments his outdoor work nicely and is building a reputation there as well.     […]

Welcome Content

Welcome to Jaytech Plumbing.com Jaytech Plumbing offers complete plumbing service for the Guelph and surrounding areas. Here you can view our company information, customer testimonials,  specials, and blog posts. If you wish to reach us directly our number is  519-780-0088. Your call will be answered by a licensed plumber and your questions will be answered respectfully and knowledgeably.  We also have a reputation around Guelph for quality plumbing at a competitive rate.