Replacing a Toilet 1

Chances are if you are a DIYer you would rather replace the bathroom toilet yourself than pay someone to do it. However, if you decide to move the location of the toilet, hire a professional plumber. Rerouteing pipes is best left to professionals. Supplies: Rags Newspapers and/or old towels A container to scoop out water or shop vac Screwdriver Utility (exacto) knife Putty knife (or similar tool) New wax gasket Possibly a new flange and bolts Bathroom Caulk Plastic toilet shims (if needed) Plumber’s putty (if needed) Wrench Gloves (optional) mini hack-saw (if needed)     Removing the Old Toilet Step 1: Lay out newspapers/old towels This is where you will be placing the old toilet after removal. If you will be setting it down on a tile floor, set it down gently. The tile can be cracked by a toilet being set down too harshly. Step 2: Turn off […]