Basement Bathroom 4

I often get asked whether or not you can put a bathroom in the basement where there is a concrete floor and the sewer drain is higher than that.
The answer is yes, you can.
There are a couple different ways of doing this and in each of the ways you’ll need a sewage pump. Here are the different options;

    1. Sewage Pit

First, you’ll need to break up the concrete and place the pit and pump in a good location and then break concrete for the drains from the bathroom fixtures to drain to the pit. Once they are in place you patch the concrete again and run a vent and drain from the tank to appropriate connections elsewhere in the house.

    1. Macerating Toilet

You can buy toilets with a tank at the back that collects sewage from the toilet and sink. It then pumps it out to a sewage line somewhere else in your house.
The first option, however, is the more proper way of doing it and is also more reliable. If you have the option of putting in a sewage tank, then you definitely should. In both scenarios a proper vent is required and this should be taken into consideration as you’re planning your project.


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