Choosing a Kitchen Sink and Faucet

Designing a new kitchen or even just re-designing your current kitchen can be overwhelming. Many choices have to be made from colours to counter-tops and included in this mix is the sink and faucet! Trying to choose a sink and faucet that will fit well within your kitchen and still have the functionality that you enjoy can be a time-consuming task.

This headache can be simpler if you just take it in a few steps and remember that style, although still important, should come second to practicality. Also keep in mind how you use the sink and faucet during your day to day activities.

faucet1. Choose your sink material.

  • Sinks come in stainless steel (most common), composites, enamel covered cast iron, and solid surfaces.
  • Stainless steel is most common due to the fact it is very durable and economical.
  • Cast sinks are the most durable sink available.
  • For more information on the various materials you can find kitchen sinks in check out this blog.


2. Decide how many bowls you would like. 

sink 3

  • Choosing between a single, double, or triple bowl sink is generally a matter of preference. If you tend do dishes by hand, two sinks (or maybe three) is ideal. If you have a dishwasher and all you do are the large pots and pans one oversized sink might be more to your preference.


3. Determine what options you want your faucet to have.

  • There are many different capabilities a faucet ensemble can offer these days. Here are few different options you might want to keep in mind while you choose:
    • Soap dispenser
    • drinking tap
    • pull-out
    • Spray nozzle
    • single lever vs. two handles
  • These choices will determine how many holes you need in the sink for the fixture.



4. Choose your sink!

  • You now know what material you want your sink to be, how many bowls, and how many holes you need to suit the faucet (this may be adjustable on some sinks). When choosing your sink keep in mind how it will fit with your cabinets and countertop. Some styles include:
    •  Drop-in
    • Undermount
    • Apron
    • Click here for 5 popular new sink styles


5. Finally you choose your faucet!

  • With your sink chosen and the features of your tap decided upon, all you have to do is find a tap that fits those features and fits well into the rest of the picture! Things left to look at:
    • Make
    • Colour
    • Quality (I suggest investing in a good quality faucet like Kohler)
    • spout height



   I hope this helps in your selection process. Please leave comments below!

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