Backflows & Cross Connection Surveys

If you acquired a business with a brick and mortar location you may have received a letter from your city requiring you to have a backflow test done on one or more devices at your location or perhaps it was for a cross-connection control (CCC) survey.

Both CCC surveys and backflow tests were implemented by cities with the same goal in mind: to ensure safe drinking water for residents. Backflow devices are designed to keep unclean water from flowing backwards and mixing with your clean water. Unclean water includes anywhere there is potential for contaminants to enter the drinking water system as set out by the local governing body.


So what is a Cross-Connection Control Survey and what are backflow tests for?

A CCC Survey is required by city by-laws every 5 years. The purpose of it is to identify where, if any, backflow devices are needed. Backflow device testing is required, by law, annually. The test is performed to ensure that all backflow devices on the premise are functioning properly. If any devices are malfunctioning then they are required to be replaced or repaired.

After the survey/test(s)s are completed, the results are to be sent to the city within 14 days of completion and/or before the due date listed on the letter received from the city.


What is required?

The survey, any tests, and device removal or repairs need to be completed by a licensed plumber holding a Cross-Connection Control licence which they receive through OWWA (Ontario Water Works Association) accreditation . Ensure the plumber coming to do the job for you has their CCC certification.

If at any time you need to permanently remove a backflow device, a permit is required by the city before you are able to proceed.


What to expect

If you want to know what to expect when having your backflow devices tested go here.


Looking for more information?

If you are wondering what any associated city fees and requirements might be in your area, or are just looking for more information, try searching ‘backflow’ in your city’s website, if you can’t find it in the list of cities below, or drop us a comment!

City of Guelph

Wellington County




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