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Backflows & Cross Connection Surveys

If you acquired a business with a brick and mortar location you may have received a letter from your city requiring you to have a backflow test done on one or more devices at your location or perhaps it was for a cross-connection control (CCC) survey. Both CCC surveys and backflow tests were implemented by cities with the same goal in mind: to ensure safe drinking water for residents. Backflow devices are designed to keep unclean water from flowing backwards and mixing with your clean water. Unclean water includes anywhere there is potential for contaminants to enter the drinking water system as set out by the local governing body.   So what is a Cross-Connection Control Survey and what are backflow tests for? A CCC Survey is required by city by-laws every 5 years. The purpose of it is to identify where, if any, backflow devices are needed. Backflow device testing is required, […]

Low Water Pressure

Many of us have been there, you step into the shower, turn on the tap and you feel like you would have better success at getting your hair wet by standing in the rain. Or perhaps you turn on your faucet to do the dishes and you can’t even get enough pressure to rinse a plate. Low water pressure can be frustrating, the good news is though it could be an easy fix! If you are experiencing low water pressure the first step is to determine where the issue lies. Is it localized (i.e. kitchen sink) or an issue in the entire home?   Entire House If it is the entire home there are a few things you can check: Find out if your home has a water pressure reducing valve. If it does have one then ask a plumber to adjust the valve so that it allows an increase in flow (pressure) to […]

HFH Barn

HFH seems to have a knack for building amazing homes, barns and environments. This one is a new bank barn that’s a little more than a barn. It’s beautifully landscaped, has a full party room with a loft and refinished exposed beams, full kitchen to entertain, multiple bathrooms, and downstairs is an airplane hanger for the on site air strip. I was a real privilege to do the mechanical work to this one of a kind gem.        

Choosing a Kitchen Sink and Faucet

Designing a new kitchen or even just re-designing your current kitchen can be overwhelming. Many choices have to be made from colours to counter-tops and included in this mix is the sink and faucet! Trying to choose a sink and faucet that will fit well within your kitchen and still have the functionality that you enjoy can be a time-consuming task. This headache can be simpler if you just take it in a few steps and remember that style, although still important, should come second to practicality. Also keep in mind how you use the sink and faucet during your day to day activities. 1. Choose your sink material. Sinks come in stainless steel (most common), composites, enamel covered cast iron, and solid surfaces. Stainless steel is most common due to the fact it is very durable and economical. Cast sinks are the most durable sink available. For more information […]

Bulk Barn

Over the past couple years we have done the plumbing for 20+ new Bulk Barns and counting. Some of the bulk barns we have had the opportunity to service include: Guelph, Waterloo, Simcoe, Oakville, Niagara Falls, Port Perry, Toronto, Guelph, Woodstock, St. Catherines, Kitchener, and Cambridge.   [huge_it_gallery id=”5″]    


A custom home build by Lindsay Construction Services. This house near Smithville is truly one of a kind with a two story stone fireplace, designer triangular shape, and smart home technology.    


In this gallery are some of the showers, and shower assemblies, that were completed by Jaytech Plumbing. If you are looking at designing a bathroom I hope these will help you envision your new space!      


Here as some examples of tubs that we have done.  I hope it can give you some ideas for your own home.